Post COVID Insurance Response Planning

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Key Questions To Ask

Green ChevronDo we have the staff and financial budget to address growing demand?

Green ChevronHow do we best bolster operational load implications with respect to increased levels of customer inquiry and support needed?

Green ChevronDo we have a plan in place that maintains and improves customer permission and preference for digital/online communications?

Green ChevronWill your existing core system tolerate an increased load, new modes of working, and exchanging/communicating information?

Green ChevronDo we have a way of easily reaching customers to alert/inform them of changes influenced by COVID-19's aftermath?

Build Your Post COVID Response Plan

Green ChevronBe up-to-date and prepared to handle post COVID insurance trends, customer demands, and needs

Green ChevronSupport customer communication permissions and preferences by investing in your company’s digitization

Green ChevronUnderstand customers and businesses shifting behaviors and improve processes and policies based on evolving wants and needs

Green ChevronAutomate the policyholder journey – offer proactive notifications and updates and real-time responses

Green ChevronEstablish policyholder trust and brand loyalty - Keep your policyholder informed and up-to-date from the beginning of their insurance journey

Green ChevronFocus on customer experience, satisfaction, and growth

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How SPLICE can help

Make policy issuance, claim automation, or quote follow-up processes safe, fun, and easy. With SPLICE Software, automate the policyholder and claimant process so that you can prioritize your employees’ time to where it really matters.


Send automated welcome messages
 inform policyholders that your offices are open to supporting their needs. With the capability to book an appointment or connect with a representative.
Policy issuance
notifications to address the increased demand for insurance policies by creating a customer-focused onboarding experience. Give policyholders all the information they need regarding their policies, when they need it, in the channel of their preference.
Automate your quote follow up process
send prompt follow ups via the policyholder's preferred channel.
Send automated claim related notifications
help to address the influx of incoming claims, decrease the number of claims questions, and increase customer satisfaction by proactively sending helpful maintenance reminders and claim prevention tips.
Send automated proactive policy change notifications
 remind policyholders to resume, enroll, add, or change their policies.
Increase payment processing efficiency
 proactively remind customers of upcoming or missed payments, payment status updates or cancellations, and policy lapses. Capitalize on the ability to give policyholders advance notice so that they are informed – simultaneously increasing trust and decreasing churn.
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Green ChevronDecrease inbound call volume due to an influx in policy issuance, quote follow up and claim submission

Green ChevronIncrease the number of policies and decrease time to convert leads

Green ChevronReduce costs associated with hiring or training employees to manually answer policyholder requests – whether at a call center or to your adjusters and agents

Green ChevronSeamless opportunity to go digital

Green ChevronIncrease customer satisfaction

Green ChevronIncrease brand loyalty and trust by sending proactive notifications to keep policyholders informed at all times throughout their journey

Green ChevronIncrease customer retention and referrals

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