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Wildfire Precaution Program

Be prepared. Be informed. Be safe.

Notify Your Policyholders

Build trust with your policyholders by keeping them informed in times of uncertainty. 

orange chevronSend proactive alerts to potential at-risk policyholders

orange chevronReminders to follow any evacuation orders

orange chevronInform on precautions to reduce exposure to damage

orange chevronEnsure alternative contact information is up-to-date

orange chevronSend notifications/updates on claim times and processes

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Reduce Losses

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Reduce Inbound

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Increase Enrollment

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Save Homes 

What is a Wildfire Precaution Program?

Help policyholders in critical areas prepare for the threat of active wildfires by implementing a Wildfire Precaution Program.

Allow your policyholders to opt-in to safety call outs, that will notify eligible policyholders of if and when they should prepare for impending wildfires.

Proactively notify your policyholders of impending wildfires:
orange chevronSend reminders and preparation notices prior to the wildfire season by geographic region 
orange chevronSend notifications of any prevention tips or services 
orange chevronUpdate policyholders of expectations or changes to processes 
orange chevronSend information for resources and next steps if a wildfire affects them

Inform your policyholders of any existing Wildfire Programs within your company: 
orange chevronNotify them what the service is and how they can enroll in the program
orange chevronSend enrollment options for the program through multiple communication channels 
orange chevronEnsure the policyholder has convenient methods to register their confirmation to the program 

Keep policyholders updated with the Wildfire Programs:
orange chevronSend notification updates to policyholders with contractor appointments
orange chevronSend pre- and post- wildfire notices to set expectations and let your policyholders know you care 
orange chevronGet feedback with automated surveys on your Program

Wildfire Defense Workflow

Follow-up Notifications

SPLICE also offers follow-up notifications to help inform policyholders who have been affected by wildfire what the next steps are. These notifications can include:

orange chevronPolicyholder coverage information
orange chevronHow to file a claim
orange chevronTime estimations for claims follow-ups
orange chevronWhere to find out more information

Help your policyholders be prepared, stay informed and stay safe.

Have your Wildfire Precaution Program up and running in less than 30 days!

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