A Cloud-based Consent Management System

That's easy to implement, easy to use, and easy to monetize

The "why" behind the SPLICE ROCC Program is to allow customers to provide, adjust or remove their consent for marketing and notifications - at natural points in the customer journey - to optimize their interactions with your brand. 


  • Customer is asked for their channel consent whenever it makes sense in their journey;
  • Data is passed to SPLICE via an API integration (for real-time source and time stamp knowledge);
  • Based on the level of interaction, the platform sends either a Confirmation or Welcome message;
    • Confirmation messages MUST be confirmed prior to being used for marketing purposes
  • Preferences are used for brand notifications and promotions; and
  • Preferences can be updated in real-time via any communication channel (opt-down or opt-out).



Experience the Process

Why Consent Matters: from your customers perspective

People want to do business with brands that they trust. The ROCC Program makes it easy for them to tell you how they want you to do business with them, AND it's easy for you to use that information to meet (nay, exceed) their expectations. Now that's a business driver. 

Why Consent Matters: from your perspective

With the current legal climate, it's important to have a legally defensible way of proving that your customers DID in fact give you their permission to contact them. The ROCC Program makes it easy for you add, remove and search individual records to keep your program clean and compliant - to prove consent at any time. 

MEASURING WHAT MATTERS: The SPLICE Dialog ControllerTM is your dashboard for understanding how your program is doing, what type of consents are being collected, which channels are most effective at collecting, and all the legal auditing "stuff". 


portal.splicesoftware.com_realtalk_portal_dialogcontroller_ (3-1)


AND GAMIFY THE PROCESS FOR BEST RESULTS: The SPLICE Leaderboard allows all team members to see the aggregated permission data (opt-ins, opt-downs and opt-outs), creating a competitive environment that embeds the value of collecting consent into the DNA of your organization.