New technology integrations provide retailers with more VIP appointments, and a safer shopping experience for customers

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CHICAGO, May 8, 2020 -- SPLICE Software, a customer engagement company specializing in automated communication workflows, digital communications and real business results, today announced the launch of Retail Fast Pass™, an Integrated VIP Appointment Experience for virtual shopping, in-store shopping and product pick-up.

In-Store Experience Optimization for your New Normal

Digital Communications. Customer Support. Predictable Results.

We know you want to be a resilient and successful industry leader, and to do that in the wake of COVID-19, you need to provide your customers a safe shopping experience. The problem is, you don’t know if/when people will come, how many will come, what they will expect and when the government rules might change. This can add to your level of uncertainty, instead of clearing things up.

We believe planning your day and taking care of customers should be easy. With the SPLICE Retail Fast Pass™ you get the certainty you desire, by creating an experience that is safe for your customers, your employees and your sales.


  1. We use every digital channel to let your customers know you are open for business and scheduling appointments.
  2. We send personalized links to your best customers so they can book a time to shop in store, receive a virtual tour or pick up product in a safe, socially-distanced way.
  3. We provide forward-looking reporting, reminders and confirmations to give you certainty and set you up for success.

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 Want to go one step further? Our Retail Fast Pass™+ solution features calendar integrations to make the management, staff, and customer experience seamless

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