Introducing SPLICE's Retail Fast Pass™

VIP Appointments Made Simple ∞ Shopping Made Safe

As retail re-opens, it is critical to start working to restore sales. Doing so in the wake of the pandemic means a focus on creating safety and certainty for your customers and staff. This new normal will consist of providing customers with a comfortable solution wherever they are. In this webinar, we will cover how to communicate & schedule safe VIP interactions (in-store and virtually), leading all the way up to coordinating seamless product pick-up.

Join Tara Kelly, President & CEO at SPLICE Software as she walks you through the new Retail Fast Pass™ program; built to alleviate uncertainty and risk for your customers AND to drive sales. See how your team and the SPLICE platform can engage your best customers, set appointments, send reminders and confirmations to create a plan for success in the new normal.

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