InsurTech and Communicating in the New Age of Industry 4.0

A whitepaper from SPLICE Software

Millennials have been raised in a digital world where many conveniences are placed at their fingertips, or—at the very most—a few clicks or taps away. They are now the largest generation and their view of the world is drastically different than that of their parents.

When it comes to consumer spending, they have popularized the attitude of access, not ownership. Millennials are reluctant to buy luxury items, cars, and homes, and instead prefer to rent the products and services they need, when they need them.

And, along with the evolution of the digital channels they love, Millennials are also changing the world of Insurance.

Read this Whitepaper to learn more about how these and other trends are driving the new world of InsurTech, including excerpts from conversations with industry leaders:

  • Abel Travis, AF Group
  • Daniel Turgel, SmartInsure
  • Grafton Robinson, Kin Insurance
  • Marti Ryan,
  • Jonathan Spinner, Aviva Canada

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