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Pre & Post CAT Notification Campaign

Case Study

Company Profile

At American Integrity Insurance, Florida home insurance is not just what we do - it’s who we are. As Floridians, we understand the occasional risks of living here and prudently manage our business to ensure that we have the financial strength to serve our customers in times of loss. We proudly partner with an exclusive network of knowledgeable agents to provide you with sound and comprehensive home insurance coverage. Whether you are a permanent resident or a snowbird, have a high-value or vacant home, or have other specialized needs, we have products designed just for you.

Our President & CEO, Robert “Bob” Ritchie, created American Integrity Insurance in 2006 in response to the overwhelming shortage of sound home insurance choices in Florida. After the unprecedented hurricane season of 2004, many insurance companies went out of business, leaving their policyholders scrambling to find new coverage.

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Business Challenge

Our CAT program calls made it easier to connect with the policyholders quickly, especially those who did not have an email address on file, prior to a storm.

The calls help ease their minds and provide additional information as to what to do during the storm. If there was damage sustained, policyholders would need to make a claim and the calls provided information about how to do that as well. SPLICE made setup a breeze with helping us provide the best messaging to our insured members through script recommendations and the ability to make a change within 24 hours. This allows us to change the message we need to convey quickly and efficiently to our insured members. With such short notice for changes, it’s made handling the notification to our members just that much easier, allowing us to focus on other important items.

SPLICE Solution

CAT Events program initially started as a PRE & POST CAT auto call (with opportunity for text messages) message to insured members. PRE messages alert insureds that American Integrity is monitoring the storms and any impacts it may have on the area, to take safety, and what to do if property is damaged. POST messages tell the insured that American Integrity is responding to the storm and if you need to file a claim, how to do that.

These notifications serve as pro-active notifications for agents and for insured members to help make sure that they are supported by us and to better support members who are already going through a traumatic experience.


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The program was set up quickly and scripts were agreed upon, with the ability to change within 24 hours’ notice to reflect the needs of the message and storm. An agent message was also included to call American Integrity Agents and let them know how to handle the events of the storm with their insured customers.

We had thought about using an API integration; however, the manual upload is easy-to-use and takes 5 to 10 minutes to get everything we needed uploaded on the SPLICE dashboard and in turn, sent to our insured members. SPLICE has succeeded at deploying all calls required within a 24-hour period of when we decide a notification should go out to our members.

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