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Consent Management that works for you!

Use our webforms to capture opt-ins at any and all points in the customer journey to boost future engagement rates

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Collect, update, and manage your customer opt-ins with ease

Opt-in Management Workflow


Feel secure in your communications

SPLICE's Rapid Opt-in Capture & Confirmation program, or ROCCTM  for short, ensures you can reach the customers you want, with FULL consent on file to do so.
By managing your opt-in's you can:

orange chevronMaximize the value of existing customers, and increase the value of future customers

orange chevronIncrease your customer lifetime value

orange chevronIncrease the engagement rate of your outbound communications

orange chevronIncrease the conversion rates of outbound marketing communications

orange chevronCollect data that can be used to optimize the customer journey like never before

orange chevronEstablish real relationships with customers

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Customer opt-in can be collected in many different ways throughout the customer journey, such as:

orange chevronPoint of purchase

orange chevron In-store QR code

orange chevron Contest entry form

orange chevron VIP events

orange chevron Link through call or email

When each customer provides their communication information they are providing their initial opt-in. The customer then has the option to opt-in to text messages, phone calls, and/or emails. 

orange chevron If the number is a mobile, a welcome/confirmation text message is sent to the customer so they can provide their FULL opt-in and start connecting!

orange chevron If the provided number is a landline, either the information can be pushed back through the system to request a mobile number or a welcome/confirmation call will be sent to the landline number to capture an automated call opt-in. 

orange chevron If only an email is provided, an email welcome/confirmation will be sent to the email provided for verification

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Track opt-ins as they happen. SPLICE's Dialog Controller™️ helps you visually track the number of opt-ins and opt-outs in a usable way. Further segment your data by categorizing based on group, or channel.

SPLICE's Dialog Controller™️ can be integrated with your core system so it can be easily viewed, reducing the number of tabs or web pages you need to have open, and helping to show you everything you need in one view


All opt-ins collected are confirmed, compliant, trackable, and defensible in all regulatory environments

orange chevronData insights allow you to stay up-to-date with your contact data, preferences & confirmations

orange chevronImproved open rates since content is being distributed in the customers preferred channel

orange chevronImproved communication efficiency and customer experience

orange chevronIncreased customer engagement

orange chevronProcess can be easily integrated with pre-existing systems and processes

What our clients say...

"SPLICE’s automated solution, integrated with the Duck Creek OnDemand claims platform, enables MBG to collect and manage customer consent for automated messaging and send personalized text messages to those who opt-in or who are opted-in."

Insurance Edge

"Asking for express consent not only protects the company from a compliance standpoint but also delivers a message that the insurer respects the customer’s choices."



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"Text messaging has become an expected part of the brand journey and overall relationship. Businesses need to make it a priority to communicate with buyers on the channel they prefer, which can include via text."


Demand Gen Report

Demand Gen Report