Socotra is focused on delivering agility to the trillion-dollar global insurance industry. Socotra works with global insurers to modernize their technology, making it easier for them to focus on creating innovative products to grow their business.

Serving one of the world's largest and most technologically neglected industries, Socotra's mission is to provide insurers with a modern, enterprise-grade core system that enables them to rapidly develop and distribute products that better serve their customers.

What are my needs?

  • Improving and enhancing my customer’s journey
  • Addressing my customers’ needs by offering a personalized digital option
  • Implementing an improved way of obtaining needed information from my customers
  • Improving my policyholder's engagement

How can they be addressed?

Offer your customers an innovative digital option to improve and enhance the customer journey by pro-actively keeping policyholders informed via personalized, intelligent alerts (calls, texts, and/or emails)

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Why is this integration beneficial to my company?

  • Smooth and timely onboarding for new policyholders
  • Digitizing your insurance processes helps to improve your competitive advantage
  • Increasing the speed of information transfer—creating trust between agents and insureds
  • Improving the speed of claims closure—helping to decrease operational costs associated with a lengthy claims process
  • Improving the speed and number of payments—helping to decrease costs due to payment requests via; live calls or direct mail and decreasing the number of overdue accounts
  • Better understanding the claims experience by gathering valuable customer insights to make operational improvements that enhance the customer experience
  • Increasing customer retention and referrals by innovating the current insurance process / responding to customer needs
  • Automating the outbound notification process to reduce inbound call volumes and customer dissatisfaction due to lack of information

Here are some examples:

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Policy Issue & Onboarding

Increase the speed of new policyholder onboarding 
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Payment Reminders

Provide updates, reminders or notifications of missed payments
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Claims Payments

Notify policyholders about claims payment details and next steps
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Claims CSAT

Proactively send out surveys to customers at key points in the claims journey

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