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Kaboodle’s strength is derived from a myriad of contrasts. We are both insurance veterans and insurtech pioneers. We never lose sight of the big picture, yet it is informed by harvesting the small details. We help insurers find ways to both streamline and to expand. And, we are a boutique firm owned by a global technology corporation.

At Kaboodle, you get the innovation that comes from a nimble insurtech, backend by a powerful family of proven businesses. Our parent, Volaris keeps us on the cutting edge and gives us stability for the long haul. They allow us to operate autonomously while infusing our company with best practices to keep pace with rapidly changing industry. Volaris Group is owned by Constellation Software, an international provider of market-leading software and services.

SPLICE Software is in the business of driving REAL conversations with customers for insurers, financial institutions, retailers, and healthcare providers. Our Data-Driven Dialogs® enable you to send automated messages triggered by your systems to customers via their channels of choice, including phone, text, and email. Our Customer-Driven Dialogs™ enable you to respond to requests for information initiated by your clients in real time, through text message, web chat, social apps like Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp, and/or home assistant devices like Amazon Echo & Google Home. SPLICE allows companies to capture & manage customers’ permissions and preferences– enabling you to personalize, test and measure like never before.

Driving a Competitive Advantage in Insurance

Enviable customer experience is a must-have in all insurance service segments, but the real key to driving value is a combined solution that offers a superior customer experience AND operational savings. Together, we can.

Today’s insureds are looking for more proactive communications to inform, connect, and create a lasting relationship. The Kaboodle and SPLICE partnership enables insurers to use the data they have about their policyholders to communicate with them in a timely manner, in their preferred channels, with messages that make their lives easier.

How Kaboodle Transforms Information

You have seeds of information from a multitude of disparate sources. Some of it is usable data, but most of it is wasted information.
The first step in the Kaboodle process is to round up and plant all your data seeds in one place – a data hub where it is cross-pollinated so data can be combined and harvested to answer complex business questions.

The result in one word? GROWTH

The Journey To Enlightenment

Harvesting knowledge is a journey, and everyone’s journey is unique. At first, you’ll gain a better understanding of what happened in the past. Then, you’ll uncover Insights – enabling you to better predict the future. By applying Machine Learning and AI, Intelligent Automation becomes possible. However, you’ll never arrive at your destination if you don’t begin.

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What it's like to work with us...

"A growing number of Kaboodle’s clients are building customized and unique user experiences for consumers and producers that enhance the customer journey, while also improving the bottom line for the insurer, SPLICE's innovative AI-based solutions make them an outstanding addition to the Kaboodle ecosystem of partners."



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