EZLynx pioneered personal lines real-time comparative rating, enabling agents to generate quotes from multiple insurance carriers with a single data entry point. Today, over 20,000 agencies rely on EZLynx to provide more than eight million home, auto, and package rating transactions every month. EZLynx has also expanded beyond personal lines comparative rating by creating innovative software solutions that transform every facet of agency life, including agency management, client self-servicing, sales pipeline management, marketing and communications, accounting, eSignature, and more, all available on a unified, one platform solution.
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What are my needs?

  • Improving and enhancing my customer’s journey
  • Addressing my customers’ needs by offering a personalized digital option
  • Implementing an improved way of obtaining needed information from my customers
  • Improving my policyholder's engagement

How can they be addressed?

Offer your customers an innovative digital option to improve and enhance the customer journey by pro-actively keeping policyholders informed via personalized, intelligent alerts (calls, texts, and/or emails)

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Why is this integration beneficial to my company?

  • Improving the speed of claims closure—helping to decrease operational costs associated with a lengthy claims process
  • Improving the speed and number of payments—helping to decrease costs due to payment requests via; live calls or direct mail and decreasing the number of overdue accounts
  • Increasing the speed of information transfer—creating trust between agents and insureds
  • Better understanding the claims experience by gathering valuable customer insights to make operational improvements that enhance the customer experience
  • Increasing customer retention and referrals by innovating the current insurance process / responding to customer needs
  • Digitizing your insurance processes helps to improve your competitive advantage
  • Automating the outbound notification process to reduce inbound call volumes and customer dissatisfaction due to lack of information

Here are some examples:

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Welcome Notifications

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   Portal    Notifications

EZLynx Icon 3

Policy Lapse Notifications

EZLynx Icon 5

Renewal Notifications

Low Risk

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Renewal Notifications

High Risk

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“Keeping your customers informed and providing 2 -way dialog is critical. We are pleased this integration will allow EZLynx users to send pro-active communications throughout the customer journey, and drive more meaningful conversations, and engagement. This partnership is about helping everyone move forward with their digital communication strategy.”
Tara Kelly, President and CEO of SPLICE Software.

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