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Duck Creek Technologies paves a genuine path to the future for P&C insurance companies. Decades of insurance experience underpin advanced technologies specifically designed to accommodate change - allowing carriers to navigate uncertainty and capture market opportunities faster than their competitors. Duck Creek solutions are available standalone or as a full suite. All are loud-ready.

Enviable customer experience is a must-have in all insurance service segments, but the real key to driving value is a combined solution that offers a superior customer experience AND operational savings. Together, we can. Today’s insureds are looking for more proactive communications to inform, connect, and create a lasting relationship. The Duck Creek and SPLICE integration enables insurers to use the data they have about their policyholders to communicate with them in a timely manner, in their preferred channels, with messages that make their lives easier.

What are current needs I want to address?

  • I want to improve and enhance my customer’s journey
  • I would like to address by customers’ needs by offering a personalized digital option
  • I would like to implement an improved way of obtaining needed information from my customers
  • I would like to improve my policyholder's engagement

What insurance trends make it imperative that I act on these needs as soon as possible?

  • Changes in the insurance industry and in customer behavior(s) have accelerated the need for insurance companies to speed up claims cycle times, reduce expenses and improve overall customer experience
  • Customer demand for automated, digitized technologies is rapidly increasing in popularity within the insurance industry
  • Customers have a growing demand for a customized and unique user experience
  • Times of uncertainty drive the need for brands to improve trust through timely updates and proactive communications
  • Continual innovation in the industry has influenced the need to capture market opportunities faster than competitors

How can a SPLICE and Duck Creek integration address these needs

Offer customers an innovative digital option to improve and enhance the customer journey by pro-actively keeping policyholders informed via personalized, intelligent alerts (calls, texts, and/or emails):

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Payment Reminders

Provide updates, reminders or notifications of missed payments
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Claims Payments

Notify policyholders about claims payment details and next steps
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Claims CSAT

Proactively send out surveys to customers at key points in the claims journey

Why is this integration beneficial to my company?

  • Improves the speed of claims closure—helping to decrease operational costs associated with a lengthy claims process
  • Improves the speed and number of payments—helping to decrease costs due to payment requests via; live calls or direct mail and decreases the number of overdue accounts
  • Increases the speed of information transfer—creating trust between agents and insureds
  • Better understand the claims experience by gathering valuable customer insights to make operational improvements that enhance the customer experience
  • Increases customer retention and referrals by innovating current insurance process / responding to customer needs
  • Digitizing your insurance processes helps to improve competitive advantage
  • Automate the outbound notification process to reduce inbound call volumes and customer dissatisfaction due to lack of information

What it's like to work with us...

"To offer process improvements and time-saving measures to our customers who value digital engagement, it was critical to align with a partner that employs cutting-edge technologies. SPLICE brings some very impressive technology to the table in their API-based solution"

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